Welcome to my corner of the internet for covering all things life abroad. ✈️

My name’s Amanda and I’m an adopted Londoner but forever a Sydneysider at heart.

Expat life

I moved to London in 2018 for my birthday! 🎁

With globalisation comes international opportunity. An “overseas stint” is hardly a novel concept, but there’s a lot more to it than you might think.

Living abroad broadens horizons and opens minds. A shared language is a huge advantage but bureaucracy, politics, processes, the odd culture shock and unforeseen health issues quickly gives you a thick skin.

Creative life

International experience is also a great way to grow professionally. I’ve been privileged to work for some of the most reputable organisations and iconic brands both at home and abroad.

I’m a hands on digital strategist with a passion for beautiful content, thriving communities, inspiring campaigns and commercial partnerships. 💡

I moved to London for personal and professional reasons, and thanks to the ever increasingly connected world I’ve achieved success in both.


Whether you’re thinking about “The Big Move”, are struggling to settle in to London or simply want to say g’day then let’s connect. 👋


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