Fall for London in autumn

Picture the city’s beautiful parks painted in hues of gold, red, purple, russet and orange. It’s no wonder autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons to experience London. πŸ‚

Pair this stunning backdrop with some of the most fun events, festivals and holidays of the year and you’ll want to think twice before swapping hiking boots for slippers.

From comfort food to leafy trails, here’s why you’ll fall in love with autumn in London.

Forest floors and foliage

Photo of autumn fall leaves in London

For a sprawling metropolis, London boasts an abundance of green spaces. Come autumn, lush greens transform into warmer hues and brings that satisfying crunch of leaves underfoot. πŸ₯Ύ

Take in the crisp fresh air in beautiful city parks like Hampstead Heath, Kew Gardens and Kyoto Garden in Holland Park.

There are also hiking trails on the outskirts of the city. Some of my favourites are Epping Forest‘s natural beauty, the lakes of Lee Valley, Richmond Park‘s grasslands and free roaming deer, and Surrey Hills‘s countryside (wine tour, anyone?).

Warm knits

Photo of three knitted jumpers

The beauty of autumnal weather is its consistency; no more of summer’s mood swings between heat waves and downpours! Autumnal crispness is here to stay.

Time to swap flats for ankle boots, mini for midi skirts and … well let’s be honest, you never put that light jacket away, did you? 🌬️

Quality knits are worth the investment. You’ll need a comfy fitted jumper or cardigan to easily slip on and off, an itch-free scarf and a statement coat to complete your look (and practical needs).

Scottish cashmere is perfect (if you can afford it). Otherwise, Uniqlo, Gap and Marks & Spencer have a range of affordable staples and basics.

Comfort food

Photo of a pumpkin spice latte

Comfy knits and a roaring fireplace may keep you warm on the outside, but this season’s cuisine will warm you up from within. Best of all, you can find them all around London or can easily recreate the recipes at home! πŸ₯£

The UK is known for their roasts, so be sure to order one out at your local pub. For entertaining at home, try hearty recipes like soups, stews, curries and braised or roast meats with root vegetables.

Baked goodies are the perfect accompaniment. Some classics are crumble, pudding, pie, sponge cake, slice, cobbler and warm custard all flavoured with seasonal fruits and sprinkled with cinnamon.

Down it all with a seasonal pumpkin spice latte. Be sure to stock up at your next grocery shop: ground cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cloves and allspice. β˜•

Festivals and events

Spriggan, Parkland Walk, Crouch End

As temperatures drop, Michael BublΓ© and Mariah Carey start to rouse from hibernation. But before London gets festive, no matter how much retailers try to force it, there’s a few holidays to mark on the calendar first!

Autumn plays host to some of the best cultural holidays and festivals: revel in spectacular fireworks displays at Bonfire Night (aka Guy Fawkes Night), celebrate the heart of the city at Totally Thames Festival, explore architectural wonders at Open House London and celebrate London Design Week.

And let’s not forget Halloween! Some of the spookiest sites include Whitechapel (i.e. Jack the Ripper), Highgate Cemetery, the Parkland Walk spriggan, and haunted pubs like The Flask, The Spaniards Inn and The Grenadier. πŸ‘»

Pumpkin patch

Photo of a girl holding a pumkin

Pick your own Jack O’Lantern pumpkin at a picturesque pumpkin patch! πŸŽƒ

What once was a simple family outing is now an Instagrammer’s hotspot, so expect crowds. You have plenty of choice scattered around just outside London. Some of the best known pumpkin patches are:

For something a little closer to home, you can book a Pumpkin Carving session at The Cauldron, or simply pick one up from your local Waitrose and M&S Foodhall.

Snuggle up

Photo of a corgi dog wearing glasses

With so much to see and do, you might feel a little exhausted after a busy week. And that’s the beauty of autumn. “A quiet one” is the perfect excuse to stay in, and no one will shame you for it because it’s highly likely they’re thinking the same thing! 🧦

What’s your the most awesome autumn activity you look forward to each year? Share your tips in the comments! πŸ‘‡

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